Why do not you LoL’ing yet?

I’ve heard of League of Legends, me and my preferences, that it “too nerdy” because I mainly stuck fps games, NHL and NCAA football kicking people’s asses. My friend said, give it a try, I liked what I saw, because the game is free, literally million played this game. I figured out what it is hurt? I’ll grab a beer, grab the mouse, to see LOL must be provided.
Why Aren’t You LoL’ing Yet?
While it is frustrating, because I did not have sufficient grasp of the concepts and strategies work, my friend made ​​an enjoyable experience. I keep getting Tristana killed, it was my favorite of the ADC now (I did not lifed her a few weeks after that). At the time, I could not believe this is true, I’m addicted to League of Legends. While this is a good addiction, rather than as a drug or anything.
The only bad part about it is I get money from all of the skin riot, I end up buying.

The main point is that you need to jump league legend ranks, if you have not. At one point, in 2012, there are 32 million active gamers. This is nearly a year ago now. The game has continued to grow each day as they are constantly updated and new champion and winner of the skin to keep the game fresh.

Lol Another important component of the pro circuit. They broke its season, they are surprisingly forced to watch. I spent a lot of time during the day, it is often difficult subject, watching games, games professional players to go after it in a special event. Moreover, critics have been very interesting game. League of Legends is the most popular e-sports game today.

LOL is not initially sounds interesting, but once you play for a few days, you will have a tough time down the mouse games. The game has a lot of playability map because it has a title to play different positions himself in. The only hero Union lacks a wide selection, as it only has about four different game modes, different maps. If not let me play this game.