Top-Grade Tenderloin Junglers

Top-Grade Tenderloin Junglers

In my opinion, these are some of the greatest Junglers. Do note that the items tagged to the Lee Sin portrait are just some of the general items that tournament Jungler players get; the item is not specific to Lee Sin, but general Jungler itemisation.

Lee Sin

High damage, impeccable ganks, excellent mobility; it’s no wonder Lee Sin is one of the top bans when it comes to Junglers. He does an incredibly good job at ganking lanes, due to his synergistic skill set. Chasing him can often turn into a disaster, as he kites your team around and may actually take out one of your squishier champions in the process. Watch out.


Mundo has great clearing speed, high damage, good ganking capabilities, late game toughness, and is a great champion for one-versus-one combat for counter-jungling. He may have some trouble in the sustain department early on, due to Burning Agony draining health over time on top of the damage from the jungle monsters. Ward up your jungle, as this beast goes down pretty easily before he hits level 6.


Another beast of a counter-Jungler, Shyvana has extremely fast jungle-clear speeds, which means more time to invade opponent jungles. She’s hardy and packs a punch with the auto-attack twin-bite combo, coupled with the great speed from Burnout. Her weakness is that she lacks CC, but makes up for it when in possession of Red. When facing her in the opponent team, be sure to ward up your jungle choke points. I mean it.


This critter is reliant on blue, but has pretty good jungle-clear speeds with it. He’s also tough to gank early on, due to his short range of Crystal Slash, but he does a great job in isolating targets once he hits level 6. Not to mention he’s one tough insect to crush, with his crystalline exoskeleton.


The lovingly nicknamed “Eternal Nightmare” really instils fear on the laners when he’s jungling. With a great Cleaving passive, which also heals, and a Fear CC to boot, Nocturne does a great job in the field of ganking. This is further enhanced when he hits level 6, where he can bypass wards with his Ultimate Paranoia, exploiting the sense of security that the enemy thinks they have when their lanes are warded, which usually leads to overextending.


Still pretty new to the League of Legends scene is this scary-looking lady. She’s an ability power-based Jungler, and an assassin who hits hard and ganks even harder at level 6. Her jungle-clear speeds are pretty off the charts, too.

Gearing up your Jungler

Every Jungler has a different itemisation due to the versatility of the roles that Junglers can take, be it tank, bruiser, or DPS. Most of the time, however, you will see them pick up these few items early on.

Boots and three health potions are best for those Junglers who wish to be aggressive and gank early. Cloth armour and five potions would be the more standard items picked up early for more resistance against the neutral minions, and more potions allow for better sustainability in the jungle.

The next most popular items for those champs who wish to clear key objectives faster would be Wriggle’s Lantern. This 1,600 gem of an item boasts good armour and damage, with a healthy dose of life-steal, which is the perfect combination of relevant stats for jungling and sustaining. It also includes a unique passive, which has a 20 percent chance on hit to deal 425 damage to non-champion units. Think of the free ward on a 3-minute cool-down as the cherry on top of the cake.

Now, from here on out, itemisation will vary across the different Junglers there are. Building beefier items for the Junglers who choose to adopt a tank role, a mix of defensive and offensive items for bruisers, and all-out damage items for DPS.

George of the Jungle

With this, I bring you my closing statement. Be map aware, communicate with your team, take note of key objectives, and please, please, please smite at the right time. No other players can say that they have a brushier brush than you once you follow these simple guidelines for jungling.