This is why we can not have good things: the face of persistent hacker eSports competition aimed at undermining

E-sports is a friendly competition in some of the greatest games, and people from around the world gather together and share common interests. This is a very nice, warm and fuzzy idea, but the reality is a little darker.

Always someone on the Internet on any given thing angry, and in 2013, that person was relatively simple tools at their disposal to try to shut that thing.

Company in the world of e-sports will be forced to take elaborate precautions to ensure that they do not fully closed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and in some cases, they did not succeed.

DDoS attacks use “zombie networks” drown a particular Internet users and traffic. Botnets are usually large tracts of everyday computer virus sends a small amount of network traffic to a specific location. If thousands or millions, they do so at the same time, you can block the target’s network connection.

Companies like ESL and other significant events organizers their network traffic is routed through a large-scale data centers, is more difficult DDoS protect themselves.Here to supply buy Cheap FFXIV Gil

Scene moves forward to the big time, which is a key eSports world struggle. With electronic games continue to get more and more professional and organized, competition becomes less and less acceptable, some of the extra money to rent a botnet was closed a malicious individuals. With a few games to support the idea of ​​a LAN connection does not exist, just run the self-contained network’s most popular titles.