Riot reveals new LOLs champion

League of Legends - yes we're writing about it and this is Malcolm Graves

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See you on the Fields of Justice!There’s a new League of Legends champion heading to town, and with a name like Malcolm Graves, you know he’s probably a little bit of a badass. Riot Games has just unveiled the newest playable character for its mega MOBA hit: a quick-drawing outlaw who brings a bit of gunfighter ‘tude to the fray.

The LoL website highlights Graves’ buckshot, smokescreen, quickdraw, collateral damage, and true grit abilities, while also giving players the skinny on Graves’ lore. Yes, League of Legends does have lore, and once you’ve had a good chuckle over that fact, you’ll want to head to the official site to check out the new champion’s details.