Riot boss ‘s Twitter hacked, leaked unreleased card game

Legends developer Riot Games league with a completed but not yet released a card game on the backburner , according to leaked material by a hacker .

Discovery and Kotaku ‘s screengrabbed, Riot Games president and co-founder Mark Merrill began overnight cunning Twitter account posts , apparently the result of a hacker attack .

Hackers share images League of Legends : Supremacy , riot trademark as a domain name registration last year, although most have been removed templates and icons to keep two Imgur gallery.

Hackers say Supremacy is an independent game , he has server and client source , the project is full and complete , but the mysterious unreleased .

Merrill Lynch has confirmed that his account was hacked – rather than , say, a marketing gimmick – Comments leaked material .

“Some people have tried to share some of our one of a number of prototypes of the old screen and we ‘ve been working on a variety of new ideas for the league and beyond . Lot of experiments , it may never see the light of day , ” he said.

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