Regroup of SK Gaming

The old SK GamingThe old SK Gaming
SK Gaming recently announced changes to its League of Legends line-up. The team, which finished 7th place in the last LCS season, missing the playoffs by just one game was dealt a blow earlier in the year when core members Hyrqbot and Kev1n were announced to have been transferred to Ninjas in Pyjamas.SK has picked up Svenskeren and Freddy122 to fill in the vacant spots. Svenskeren is a veteran jungler with tremendous experience, having established a strong competitive impression during his time on Leethuanyan with Angush, Extinct, Prepared and Sleper, he would grow a reputation a as one of the better junglers in Europe and proving it with his impressive performances with the his previous tenure at SK and the former Copenhagen Wolves (current Ninjas in Pyjamas) in Spring/early Summer.  Svenskeren may be the catalyst that SK needs to reclaim their former title of a top 3 European team.Freddy122 has been selected as the toplaner. The Englishman may be an odd choice; however he has strong competitive experience. Hailing originally from what was known as the “jungle factory” of League of Legends; Freddy played with current EG members Snoopeh, Krepo and Pete in LaGG before eventually moving to against All authority (aAa) and pariticipating in the Spring split of the European LCS. Statistics suggest a solid performance by Freddy in aAa, ranking 5th across all categories in the spring LCS and his recent results and synergy with Svenskeren in Super Hot Crew XD seem to indicate an increase in performance. How Freddy ranks up against the power of ZoroZero, Darien and Soaz remain yet to be seen and will prove a better indicator of the progress he has made.

SK Gaming

The new SK Gaming
Photo: SK Gaming

SK gaming was once constantly known for its roster changes; many European giants such Wickd, Snoopeh, Yellowstar, Araneae and nRated walked through its hallowed doors, however, ever since the pickup of Team Dimego one person had always remained the anchor of the german organization: Ocelote. SK’s most substantial change to the roster has to be the move of Ocelote to the sub position and pick up Jesiz as their midlaner.  Jesiz himself is a mystery, whilst his profile shows his main role as ADC, the Dane’s tenure as the midlaner for Intellectual Playground (IPG) and tRicked esports should not be overlooked. Under IPG he played a variety of midlaners such as Ahri, Fizz, Gragas and other niche champions such as AP Janna.  Jesiz’s initiation into SK will be a true test of his skill, he will have to face world class midlaners such as Alex ich, Froggen and xPeke. Will Jesiz prove to be a worthy replacement of SK? If his countrymen are any indication then Europe’s newest midlane superstar may just have been created.

SK’s botlane consisting of Nyph and CandyPanda will remain as they were. Regarded as one of the most consistent botlanes in Europe Nyph and CandyPanda have been together ever since their initial qualification for the Season 1 finals with gamed!de (despite a brief phrase when CandyPanda was kicked from SK). Nyph ended the season with  a 3.4 KDA (4th best in terms of European Supports), an average total gold of total gold  and an average gold per minute of 227 second only to yellowstar. CandyPanda  ended the season with a 4.7 KDA (6th in the EU LCS), an average total gold of 72k (3rd) and an average gold per minute of 345 (6th). The stats measured by LoLeSports show that Nyph was better in relation to his peers than CandyPanda was, however, stats do not always show everything and CandyPanda has proven that he can be an outstanding AD carry. Will he shine once again with this new roster and prove to the world that he did not get the MVP award of IEM New York for nothing? This remains to be seen.

The SK roster changes are certainly intriguing, it is clear that SK has given Nyph the responsibility of forming a team and he seems to have picked a few ambitious faces. Jesiz and Freddy remain a large mystery; will they be able to compete against the best of what Europe has to offer? Relegations are growing closer and the time to prove themselves against people eager to take their spot will soon be on the way.  The qualifiers for the amateur tournament in cologne will certainly be their first real test it remains to be seen if they can rise to the challenge.