PoE 3.3 TRAPS Saboteur Build For Arc/Lightning Spire

Noone bothered with this weird mixture, but I really had a blast despite the fact that single target damage was Comprehensive CRAP.
Later Saboteur ascendancy was reworked in 3.two, I returned to my original construct and now it was a considerably smoother experience! With some jewels and abyssal gear and regen inside the ascendancy, it became a great deal superior but nonetheless sucked for single target generally. So I’ve been waiting for some single target help and looks like it finally arrived in 3.3! Much more damage per chain and CRAZY 8 second traps!

How does it perform, in general?
1) Trap Help has no cooldown now in 3.3 and you can throw 15 Traps instead of 3 (inside the end-game you can have about 23 traps at a time around the ground). This can be a buff, so now it really is all about your Throwing Speed + cooldown for lengthy eight-second Traps.
2) Arc is a lightning, chaining spell with the highest amount of chains in the game. Chain indicates it is going to “zap” involving enemies. In 3.3 Arc does 15% Far more harm per remaining chain. If 1 enemy is on screen it will likely be 105% additional harm, that is DOUBLE the damage. So it is now great against a single target.
We are going to use Arc+Trap inside a shaper 5L gloves for clearing maps and eight second fat Lightning Spire Trap in a 6L for bosses.
3) Runabout, throw traps, don’t run into packs or you can die. For the same reason, I never possess a dagger as well as a shield right here. Even with Acrobatics, this is nevertheless a quite low HP construct. Going ES route is just about same, possibly just a little superior.
Do not stand close to bosses or you’ll die.

+great map clear speed
+serious firepower with extremely low investment
+end-game viable (will need really good reflexes for end-game although!)
+massive life regen (as much as 20% per second as well as additional with Tinkerskin)

-Squishy as low Life pool (hard to go over 5k)
-Pretty slow using a wand and Flame Dash
-sketchy for HC

PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/qwAv98Cw
For Ascendancy: Pyromaniac, Perfect Crime, Chain Reaction, Explosive Professional (SC), or Born inside the Shadows (HC)
Bandits: Alira or Kill All. (i often decide on Alira)

Early Levelling Gear / Expertise
Practically nothing crazy right here. Double Lifespring, Wanderlust, Locational Caress.
Get Axioms early on. It will assist you stack crit quickly.

You may also use Fencoil which can be a no-cost Trap hyperlink
it could be later upgraded to a strong 6L!

In incursion league you will find also much inexpensive Trap DPS one-handers:

In the past, I applied Fire Trap->Ice Trap for leveling, but now it’s not required.
At the get started you’ll have Explosive Trap. Use it till level 12.
At level 12 get Arc and start carrying out this setup:
3L: Arc-Trap Support-Multiple Traps
4L: Arc-Trap Support-Multiple Traps-Added Lightning
Level 18:
4L: Arc-Trap & Mine Damage-Trap Support-Multiple Traps
At level 22 buy Deerstalker boots!

At level 28 start out working with Lightning Spire Trap within a second 4L:
4L: Lightning Spire-Added Lightning-Trap & Mine Damage-Advanced Trap Support (or Controlled Destruction)
At level 38 start out making use of Cluster Traps Support on Arc:
4L: Arc-Trap & Mine Damage-Trap Support-Cluster Traps

My Actual Gear / End-Game Skills
Gloves with +1 Trap can boost your damage by about 25%. But they will most likely drop your resists into abyss :D. If you can nevertheless balance your resists, use them for sure! It really is a HUGE BOOST!

For the amulets and rings: high life, crit multi, spell damage, resists. Of cause, Opal rings would be sick.

Any excellent Elder ring is actually a very good pair with Shaper Ring:
Shaper 5L (Trap Support): Arc-Trap & Mine Damage-Cluster Traps-Elemental Focus/Lightning Penetration (Pen will function improved against bosses)
6L Spire: Lightning Spire-Added Lightning-Trap & Mine Damage-Controlled Destruction-Elemental Focus-Concentrated Effect (once again Lightning Pen is usually utilized against tough bosses like Shaper)
Jewels are life, crit multi and lightning added harm.


Diamond for Crit
Atziri’s Promise for Ele->Chaos DPS
Eternal Life
you may have Sulphur as opposed to Basalt for far more damage if you wish.
For HC you want a lot more defense (evasion, armor, dodge flasks..)!

Pantheon Gods:

Major: Solaris, Arakaali is also incredibly strong with the regen we get from Ascendancy.

More fantastic gear:
Loreweave is usually a fantastic choice for SSF and also a super strong choice for Trade league as well. It gives lots of everything as well as significantly much more harm than Tinkerskin.
These gloves are usually until you get Shaper 5L:



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