Next “Legend” Champions League: Jinx, loose cannon, display

Riot Games teasing titles 116 League for about a week, and now the hype reached its peak, they chose today unveiled Jinx’s move sets and more. “Fire your guns aimed at a huge death Jinx, a loose cannon,” the release said, “the attitude of the main pack, and equipped with a cornucopia of the Holocaust, the Jinx is a marksman ready to leave your enemies tag for the demolition. ”


Passive: Do not get excited!

Jinx Whenever a champion or tower her recent attack killed or destroyed, get a lot of movement speed. Boosted decay over time.

Q: Switcheroo!

Jinx swap weapons:

Fish bones, rocket launchers: ominous basic attack mana, but get increased range and scope of her goal to increase the damage nearby enemies.
POW-POW, machine guns: ominous basic attacks grant attack speed for a short time, can stack up to three times. Jinx stack off time and again to stop attacks.

W: Zap!

Jinkesika electrical explosion, causing damage and slow down before the enemy hits.

E: Flame Chompers!

The Jinx throws a grenade detonated snare line, after a few seconds, ignite nearby enemies on fire. Who walk in a grenade detonated enemy heroes will make it in advance, they briefly take root.

R: Super Mega Death rocket!

The Jinx for damages caused by global rocket as it travels. In the first rocket explosion hit enemy hero, on the basis of their lack of health objectives and the percentage of damage to all nearby enemies.