Masteries Guide for Wukong in League of Legends

Masteries, Runes, and Summoner Spells serve as the primary elements to developing the

champions you play in League of Legends to their fullest. These elements provide a

numerous amount of utility, including increased attack damage, durability, and better

overall statistics to your champion. Likewise, they can serve to provide your

champion with extra skills that can considerably change the pace of a battle,

allowing you to escape what would have otherwise meant certain death or deal the

killing blow to a fleeing enemy.
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Masteries are contained to three sections: Offense, Defense, and Utility. Each

summoner at level 30 is granted 30 points to place into any desired tree. The player

can utilize these points in any order they see fit. For example, placing 10 points in

each tree, 15 in two, or 30 in one. Wukong’s role in League of Legends is as a

physical fighter with abilities that benefit from items with attack damage, therefore

it is best to focus your mastery points into the offensive section. A typical build

with a champion that focuses on an attack damage would involve most of the mastery

points to be placed into an offensive tree, with the rest into defense or utility

depending on user preference.

For Wukong, this often comes down to a placement of 21/0/9, which offers him

increased damage as well as extra utility skills that include increased experience

gain. However, because Wukong’s passive ability grants him additional armor based

upon the number of enemy champions present, selecting a 0/21/9 build also greatly

benefits Wukong in allowing him to survive longer in battles, and take less damage