Madden 18 Is A Whole New Ball Game Via Frostbite: The Biggest Additions

We will see 11 changes in the Madden 18, 11 improvements which would take Madden 18 to the next level. After years of change, earning more praise for Madden 18. We are glad to tell you these changes, if you longing to know more, you can view website and then preview more this game’s screenshots and videos.

Madden 18

Improved Clock Management
This year’s Super Bowl was won and lost on clock management, with Atlanta repeatedly – and stupidly – gifting New England more time by snapping the ball with: 20 still on the play clock. And towards the end of games, Madden’s AI teams are just as unfathomable in this area as the fallen Falcons.

True Home-Field Advantage
Home-Field advantage has more bearing in the NFL than any other sport, with away sides often unable to hear audibles and snap counts beneath the din of the crowd. This worked brilliantly in the old NCAA games, also made by EA, where the lines showing receiver routes were obfuscated when you played as the away team in a raucous stadium.

Unlimited Relocation Choices
The mid – 10s have seen significant upheaval – in a very literal sense – throughout the NFL, with the Rams, Raiders and Chargers all finding new homes: the former in Las Vegas, the latter pair in LA. Yet while relocation features in Madden 18, it does so with severe restrictions. Some very simple ways the option can be upgraded: ” the city, name and colours, stadium and uniforms, expansion teams and the ability to upload and download logo designs.”

Madden 18 is a whole new ball game via Frostbite, you will like it very much. Madden 18 will feature more elite players. In this year, one of the biggest overall additions to the Ultimate Team lineup is MUT Squads. The 3 vs 3 concept works well in virtual football and it seamlessly blends MUT collections into the action. To be honest, players tends to buy madden mobile coins from U4GM.