LOL’s World Championship is worth a cool three million bucks

League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends’ hold on the e-sports community appears to be going strong, especially if we’re judging based on the sheer size of the prize pool up for grabs in this season’s World Championships. How much money will players be competing for this time around? Something to the tune of three million bucks.

The folks over at PC Gamer got the opportunity to sit down with Riot Games’ Vice President of e-sports, Dustin Beck, to have a chat about the upcoming League of Legends World Championships and the competitive gaming scene as a whole. The interview includes some insight into the game’s success in the e-sports circuit as well as some discussion on the various teams and strategies we can expect to see on the tournament level at this year’s championships. For all of the sweet, juicy information, just head on over and check out the full article.