LOLs’ Viktor wields science for evil

League of Legends

Meet Viktor. He’s your basic nice-guy scientist who has one teeny, tiny bad experience and decides to turn his entire life into comic book villainy. Feel sorry for him or don’t, he’s going to rend you limb from limb either way.

Viktor is the latest champion on League of Legends’ drawing board, and Riot Games has given us a sneak peek at the awe and terror that he will bring to the game. Viktor is written as the creator of fellow champion Blitzcrank, but is a wee bit upset that his work got stolen from under his nose. Instead of joining a therapy group, Viktor turned his body into a robotic slaughter apparatus and is out for some good ol’ fashioned revenging.

Viktor’s passive ability, Evolving Technology, allows players to purchase an item from the store to modify his bonus to suit the players’ needs. He can also shoot a beam that bounces back to him as a shield, set up a Graviton Field to slow and stun enemies in his immediate vicinity, and fire a massive Death Ray that cuts through multiple foes. His Chaos Storm is neat as well, allowing Viktor to send out a cloud that silences and damages enemies caught within it.