LOLs update bringing sharper AI, new bots


Screenshot -- League of Legends

League of Legends is well known for its challenging team-based gameplay and its rather steep learning curve, leading many users to play co-operatively against AI in order to hone their skills. In addition, co-op vs. AI is “the primary game mode for a surprisingly large percentage of users” according to senior producer Mark Norris. In light of this, Riot Games is bringing a huge new update to League of Legends’ AI matches.

For starters, Riot will be introducing AI bots for a whopping 40 of the game’s champions, allowing players to test their mettle against a wider variety of opponents. In addition, the AI itself is in for an update that will allow bots to behave more like their human counterparts by utilizing predictive targeting for skillshots (such as Ashe’s ultimate) and employing a great deal more strategy than the current bots. Of course, there are still some things that bots can’t do (such as intelligent jungling), but Norris suggests “that’s actually a huge advanced area that we do want to look at and get into, that we’re in the the real rudimentary stages of trying to figure out right now.”

For the full details on what awaits players in the upcoming AI update, just click on through the link below and read the full story.