LOLs unveils Zed, the Master of Shadows

Zed, the Master of Shadows

According to Riot Games, things are about to get dark and stabby in League of Legends. A new champion has been revealed, and he’s very much the sneaky type. Zed, the Master of Shadows, is an energy-based character that relies on dark clones and a pair of rad bracer-daggers to dominate both mid-lane and jungle gameplay.

Zed’s abilities show him to be a fellow of ill repute: There’s Contempt for the Weak, which does extra damage against wounded targets, and Razor Shuriken, which fires multiple razorblades in the direction of opponents. Zed can also use Living Shadow to make a clone copy of himself — one he can trade places with or simply use to mimic his attacks for more damage. The creation and manipulation of clones make Zed a major threat, but only if played with a strategic flare.

Have a look at the League of Legends Champion Spotlight after the break for a full preview of what Zed brings to the table.