LOLs Shyvana patch delivers Shaco buffs and more

League of Legends Shyvana patch

All this week, Riot Games has been releasing snippets of information on League of Legends’ upcoming melee carry champion Shyvana, the half-dragon. Shyvana’s sneak peek comic hinted that the champion may be able to transform into a full dragon form. When the champion’s mechanic preview article went live, we got the first details on how this ability will work. Shyvana builds up stacks of a resource called Fury with each basic melee attack she lands, and once she has enough fury, she can activate her ultimate to transform into a dragon. The ability interestingly has no cooldown, so enemies fighting against Shyvana will need to be aware of how many fury stacks she has to tell when her ultimate is ready.

In a new LoL patch preview video, Riot delves into the details of the upcoming Shyvana patch set to introduce the champion alongside a series of balance changes and gameplay tweaks. In addition to the draconic champion’s arrival, players will find new champion Graves has been nerfed following feedback demonstrating that he’s a little overpowered. Monkey King WuKong will be getting buffs to his offensive capabilities and his decoy ability will see a series of bug-fixes that should make it a more useful skill.

Read on to find out how Shaco is being buffed and what’s happening with Dominion, to watch the full patch preview video, and to have your say on whether this is a good patch.

Olaf’s ragnarock ability will now break out of crowd control abilities like stuns, silences and fears, making it a more useful and reactive skill. Underused champion Shaco recieves a complete rework of most of his abilities, with the intent that he become a bigger assassination threat. His jack-in-the-box will have a shorter arming time, making it viable to use when surprising another player by placing it in an obvious escape route. Shaco will no longer have to bait enemies into walking onto pre-placed boxes in order to get a kill. The Dominion game mode also gets some changes, with respawn times being increased a little for the losing team to make it harder to come back from certain defeat without eliminating that possibility.

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