LoL’s Season Two Circuit, Spectator Mode beta

Screenshot -- League of Legends

Riot Games has announced that the League of Legends Season Two Circuit is on its way to North America and Europe, and we’ve got some details on what players can expect from it. All live events from this point forth will award the top eight competitors in each event with Circuit Points. At the season’s end, the top players from each region will go on to face off with the rest of the world at the League of Legends Season Two Championship, which features a prize pool of a whopping 5 million USD.

If you’re a pro LoL player who has already participated in events such as the Intel Extreme Masters or Major League Gaming tournaments, don’t worry. Riot will be retroactively awarding points to the top players from those events, though it’s important to note that players can only earn points from events that take place in their region.

The long-awaited Spectator Mode has also entered limited beta. During designated testing periods, players will be able to jump into a game as a spectator and watch the action unfold. The feature is limited to custom games for now, but Riot stresses that “like all things League of Legends, there are still plenty of updates to come.” For the full details on the Season Two Circuit and Spectator Mode, head on over to the official announcement at League of Legends’ official site.