LOLs pops the cork for Lunar Revel

League of Legends

Feeling the doldrums of winter settling into your bones? Missing the colorful lights and excessive sugar dosages of last month? The good news is that there’s still a great holiday to celebrate this month — the Chinese New Year — and League of Legends is totally on board with any excuse to party.

Coming to the game is the brand-new Lunar Revel holiday, which is “a time to celebrate the possibilities of the future with the coming of the new moon.” Not only will the game be decorated with cheery lanterns, but Riot Games is adding some new goodies to enjoy, including special consumables in the store and unique skins for Talon, Sona, Wukong, and Lee Sin.

The devs say that this marks the beginning of many cultural-themed holidays as they go on a “world tour” to highlight the many countries that play League of Legends. You can get an advance sneak peek at the new Lunar Revel costumes in the gallery below..
I like riot and its great to have more holidays in games, but since every holiday they celebrate is marked by the introduction of more stuff to buy in the store, usually not even at any kind of discount compared to whats already there …. just seems like a way to sell more skins to me.