LOL:introduces Custom Item Sets

LoL video previews 37 patch, introduces custom item sets

Instead of just rolling out a wall of text to discuss the changes and updates hitting League of Legends in the 3.7 patch, Riot Games offers players a video preview to get a glimpse of what’s to come. And among the goodies is one of the most player-requested features — Custom Item Sets.

Want to create a specific set of items, tailored to individual champions and/or maps before you get into a match and the fighting begins? Or how about just browse through the entire item shop on just to see what’s available? Both will be possible with the new Custom Item Sets feature. Initially, these custom builds will be stored on players’ local machines only, but the devs plan on adding server-side storage in the future.

The video also discusses some balance changes to the champions Rumble, Twisted Fate, Caitlyn, and Nunu. Check out the specifics after the break.