LOLchampion, may be heading to Steam

League of Legends adds mermaid champion, may be heading to Steam

There’s a mermaid swimming into League of Legends, but we severely doubt it’s the dinglehopper-loving variety. Later today, Riot Games will be introducing Nami the Tidecaller, an offensive support champion, as the latest addition to the game.

Nami’s skills are well-balanced between water-based attacks and team support. Some of her skills, like Ebb and Flow, do double duty by hurting the enemy and helping teammates. Her ultimate ability is Tidal Wave, which damages, knocks up, and slows any enemies in its path.

In other League of Legends news, it looks as though the title may be on its way to Steam. This comes as an eagle eye spotted the game in Steam’s database.

While you mull that over, check out Nami’s debut trailer after the break!