LOL nerfs Rumble, buffs Urgot and Cho’Gath

League of Legends title image

In addition to getting a new champion every few weeks, League of Legends is continually updated with balance changes and gameplay tweaks based on player feedback. Yesterday Riot Games released its early August patch preview, detailing incoming champion nerfs and buffs in addition to big changes for the player-mediated banning tribunal. Players who are punished by the tribunal will now be emailed a reform card showing the case made against them and highlighting the exact behaviours they need to improve to avoid further bans.

Following a bugfix to Rumble’s Flamespitter ability in the Jayce patch, his damage suddenly increased. Rumble’s Danger Zone passive and Flamespitter abilities will have their damage reduced to compensate for the increase. The previous patch also gave Urgot some heavy nerfs that went a little bit too far, and in the next patch, some of those nerfs are being reverted. Classic champion Cho’Gath will also get a number of tweaks to remove random cast time delays and make him more fun to play.

Love LOL but i am getting new champion/rework old champion overload.  It’s like you have to learn new stuff every week.  As far as timesink, it doesnt really take that long to be lvl 30, had a friend who did it in a cpl weeks with one small 3 day booster purchase.  Took me a longer time, but thats just because im cheap.  Didnt bother me too much tho, just did my matches to learn how to play and to collect champions/runes.  Planned it well, and hit 30 around the time i filled in my 2 main rune pages.  It’s not as big a deal as people are acting down below.