LOL: League of Lessons-Jungle Like A Boss

This part of the guide is courtesy of Joshua “Meep” Lim Jun Wei, another avid League of Legends (LoL) player who is largely involved with the Singapore LoL community, via EqualsD Gaming.

Jungle Like A Boss

Are you bad at last hitting? Do you enjoy the humid, tropical climates of rainforests? Does being the main source of ganking in your team turn you on? If so, mastering the role of a Jungler is the role for you! Hi there, I’m Meep from EqualsD Gaming, and I’m here to give you some tips and tricks to up your game in the jungle.

So, what exactly does a Jungler do? This role is important to the point that Junglers controls the early to mid stages of the game. The success of your team at these points in time largely rests upon your shoulders, because the various global objectives in the map all reside in the jungle, aka, Blue Buff, Red Buff, Dragon, and Baron. These are important objectives to always keep track of, for they can always help turn the tide against your opponents.

I’ll be breaking the game down into three simple components: early, mid, and late game. So let’s get to it.


Early game

Jungle paths are all up to your own personal preference, or more catered to the champion that you are jungling with. Picking the right path for the style of jungling you wish to do is important. On that note, there are three different ways to jungle: the usual farm it out and sustain in the jungle; the aggressive early game ganking at level 2; and my personal favourite, which is counter-jungling to make the opponent Jungler’s life a living hell. All styles have their own merits, but take note: only certain champions can do certain styles exceptionally. A picture speaks a thousand words, so do take a look at the bottom screenshots for your reference. These pictures are in reference to the purple team, so just mirror them if you play the blue team more.

Peaceful jungling

The picture says it all. Once you have your double buff, you can either head home to pick up items or try to gank top or mid.

Fast ganks

This path is pretty awesome for champions who can gank well early on, especially with a red buff on. Grabbing wraiths first before red spawns is very important; it gets you to level 2 once you’re done with red, allowing you to be a level higher than the lane you are about to gank. This means one extra skill! Woohoo!

Proceed to gank either lane of choice, mid or top, and receive a big “thank you” from your allies after it’s done for giving them a huge advantage in-lane. Here on out, you can continue to farm your jungle in any order you please, or continue ganking. It’s all about map awareness and knowing your champion’s strengths and weaknesses.


Again, this is my favorite play style; most people don’t expect this to happen, so while they are peacefully hitting away at either blue or red, jump on them from out of the bushes, steal their buff, and kill them. Or, if you’re an exceptionally fast Jungler like Mundo or Shyvana, get a hard leash at your first buff and don’t smite. Save it for the enemy buff, and then camp in the brush, waiting for them to appear. They’ll never see you coming.

So pick any play style you prefer, but there’s one thing in common that all Junglers must master, apart from smiting at the right moment: ganking a lane. Now, a good entrance always gives a better impression, and in this case, entering the lane you wish to gank in the right manner will always produce results (see below).

These paths are catered toward the opponent’s ward placements. Above where the green dots are, you will commonly find wards in the area. So it’s up to your allies to keep an eye out for where the opponents are warding. That’s why you should always communicate with your teammates. Remember, only tower dive when you know you can escape alive. It sounds elementary, but there’s no point in getting a kill when you give away a kill. Unless it’s first blood; then “it’s worth it”, as Phreak would say.

In higher-level gameplay, you will often find the enemy team invading your jungle at level 1, prompting level 1 fights, which I love so much. These nasty events are sure to dampen your jungle play when they successfully get to you. Remember, only you can stop jungle invasions by adapting to the opponent’s invasion and making the best of it. There are many ways to invade a jungle, either through wraiths, then to red buff, or straight on toward blue.

But take note: these buffs all have a choke point from the river. As long as you have vision of these choke points either through wards from your support or having a teammate bravely guarding the entrance, you should be relatively safe. However, in the event where the opponents do manage to get in by overpowering your team, don’t lose hope! Fight back by counter-stealing their buffs! If the opponents are stealing your blue, run over to theirs and take it from them.

Mid game

Now that you’ve understood the different methods to play out the early phase of the game, mid-game objectives such as dragon and baron starts coming into the picture. Always make sure that enemy wards in the area have been cleared, and to pull out the dragon so that the enemy doesn’t have a proper bead on its location in case they want to pull off a pesky steal for champions with long-ranged spells such as Ezreal (see below).

Above are some ward placements that you should have while attempting the objectives.

Late game

Depending on which Jungler you chose, you will fill the role of either a Tank, Bruiser, or DPS, and you need to take note of important spawn timings of key objectives on the map.

*Red – 5 minutes
*Blue – 5 minutes
*Dragon – 6 minutes
*Baron – 7 minutes

Be sure to always keep an eye out on the world timer, and jot down the timings in chat of every baron or dragon kill. This way, your team has a better sense of when and what to prepare (wards, etc) for.