LOL: League of Lessons-AD Carrys

AD Carrys

In the next part of the AD Carry series; there will be an analysis on why these champions are rated weak or strong at certain phases of the game and how to minimize each champion’s weakness at the early game, with the help of your Support.

The Dream Destroyer

The Champions in this category are extremely potent in the early phases of the game, and if your plan is to shut down the enemy AD Carry in the early game, these champions are the best ADs to do it.


No one has longer physical attack range in the early game than this cute sheriff who leaves her fuzzy cuffs at home. Caitlyn boast the furthest opening range out of all the AD Carries, at 650, and is able to outrange and poke any other ranged champions in lane. She is a champion built for the early game, with Yordle Snap Trap to help your lane gain brush superiority and a gap-breaker coupled with a slow as her mobility spell. The problem with heroes in this category is if opponents are able to out-farm or be on par with your farm, you will probably lose to them in terms of damage.


Crab-man is known to most AD and Support laners as the God of the early game. His primary damage dealing spell, Acid Hunter, boast insanely far range when the target is infected with his Noxian Corrosive Charge debuff. He is literally able to out-trade every AD Carry in the early game, and his ultimate Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser (The Swap) is the best spell to catch any enemy Carries out of position — awesome for coordinating Ganks with your Jungler.

Late game ladies

Generally, champions in this category are extremely vulnerable at the early game, with not many ways to counteract early aggression, except from the use of auto-attacks and with the help of some simple spells that does not have significant contributions to their overall DPS.


Apart from her passive and volley combo, she does not possess any other form of burst, and focuses on consistent damage. Ashe begins to shine when her Frost Arrow is maxed out, as she can permanently slow the opponents, as long as she keeps auto-attacking them. Her ultimate also has one of the strongest utility out of all the AD Carries, and a great spell to decide if the team should go in for the engage or not.


What makes Tristana strong in her late game is her insane range. Boasting a range of 703 at level 18 makes her the champion with the furthest auto-attack range (minus Kog’Maw with his Bio-arcane Barrage active). She is the queen of auto-attacks with her Rapid Fire granting her a 90 per cent attack speed boost when it is maxed. A pick to counter against enemies that have strong healing capabilities is her Explosive Shot’s active component, which grants Grievous Wounds (50 per cent healing reduction).


Definitely the prettiest champion in my books, nothing turns me on more than a woman with a moustache. Graves’ strength lies in his ability to be relatively balanced, regardless of the phase of the game he is in. He has the ability to deal insane burst damage during team-fights with the combination of Buckshot and Collateral Damage. He also has decent sustain damage with his Quickdraw ability ,which works as both as an offensive gap closer with an attack speed buff to boot, or defensively to get out of tight situations.


The trademark of Vayne is her ability to deal true damage, making it extremely hard for tanks and bruisers to take her down. In team-fights, she is constantly dodging your attacks and turning invisible every 2 to 3 seconds. Vayne is probably the AD Carry that deals the highest consistent damage in the late game, and even the largest tanks squeal like little girls when she starts focusing her attacks on them.