LOL finals get some serious viewership

I remember when you played video games to win one of these in the actual game.

If you’re a League of Legends fan, odds are good you know all about the championships that took place recently. If you’re not, however, you might be wondering whether or not this was really a big deal or just something the fans are fixated on. Turns out that it was kind of a big deal after all, as Riot Games has revealed that the live coverage of the finals was watched by over 8 million individuals, including more than 2 million from Korea.

Physical attendance for the tournament sat at roughly 8,000 people, with over 24 million hours of League of Legends watched during the playoffs and the finals. If you’re trying to wrap your head around all of that, you can get some sense of what the tournament was like by checking out the recently released recap video just past the break. And if you’re one of the people watching the whole way through, hey, you’ve clocked up enough hours watching the tournament. Five more minutes won’t kill you.