“LOL” Champs Elysees to win the legendary venue

Los Angeles – When it comes to sports, in downtown Los Angeles Staples Center is usually an award-winning basketball and hockey.

However, the monster arena held a very different kind of competition this weekend : full house season three Champions League of Legends , a free to play video games , attracting more than 320,000 players a month.

Although it does not have too many games . South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 completely ruled China Royal Club on Friday night at one of the best of five series of the first three rounds . It won the team members Jung ” influence ” the universe forever , Cai “pig” Gwangju Kim , Lee ” Faker ” phase He , Li “PoohManDu” Jeong – Hyun and Bae “bengi” Seong UNG calls World Cup Trophy and $ 1 m awards. Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil

In the famous location of virtual battlefield , marking the e-sports another milestone .

“This is a great honor and privilege , we put this in a legendary venues like the Staples Center , Merrill Lynch , said: ” Mark , president and publisher Riot Games League of Legends co-founder .

“My partner and I grew up in Los Angeles, we thought it would be appropriate in a fantastic arena, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers play, ending three seasons to win the World Championship .”

Merrill Lynch said the book at the Staples Center is a legend and a constantly growing popularity of e-sports leagues , and understand their favorite sport hardcore fans proud statement to the outside world . He said the company has not decided whether it will continue to be at the Staples Center next year ‘s world championships , or move to a new international locations.

“We lost money with electronic games , but we think of it as an investment to provide a cool experience for our players is impressive , ” Merrill said. “We are building an ecosystem , awareness of e-sports continue to gain more understanding and appreciation , and we hope this will become more sustainable , does not cause us to lose money .”