LOL:Armaments of the Destroyer

Armaments of the Destroyer

The Black Cleaver

Occasionally attained by top-tier players, this item reduces up to 45 of your opponent’s armour, and when coupled with armour penetration runes and masteries, you can easily deal close to full damage to most Carries and Supports. This is an item that is superior in the mid-game, as most champions do not have high base armour and can be considered if you are ahead in gold.


The Bloodthirster

The item with the highest total physical damage bonus, as well as life-steal, the only drawback of this item is that it requires you to kill off 40 enemies before it reaches its full potential. You also lose half the current bonus on this equipment when you die. This item is usually bought as a counter if they enemy has Thornmail, as the lifesteal allows you to negate the return damage, preventing you from killing yourself when attacking that target.


Infinity Edge

A hot favourite, first end-game item for most AD Carry players, as it adds the most effective physical damage in the game. This item provides 80 physical damage, 25 per cent critical chance and 50 per cent increase critical damage; this is definitely a must-have for all AD Carries, regardless of the phase of the game they are in.


Trinity Force

Commonly seen in champions that possess spells that have relatively low cooldown or high usage counts, this item is extremely potent, because it has a good balance of survivability, offensiveness and utility. AD Carries that favour this item include Corki and Ezreal, as they both have spells that have relatively short cooldown, allowing them to maximize the use of this item’s unique passive.


Phantom Dancer

Thee dub said item, the Bringer of Speed. No other item in the game adds as much speed and critical hit chance as this item. This item is usually the second item an AD Carry builds after it has acquired either one of the three damage items: The Black Cleaver, The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge. But out of all the three, the item which compliments Phantom Dancer the most in terms of damage output is Infinity Edge. A combination of Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge grants a whopping 55 per cent critical chance.


Last Whisper

This item focuses on armour penetration. This item grants a staggering 40 per cent armour penetration and is usually built when the enemy starts to build items with armour. It allows AD Carries to chip off the health of even the thickest tanks and bruisers, because without it, they would be near impossible to take down.


Guardian Angel,Banshee’s Veil,Quicksilver Sash

AD Carries are almost always the focus of enemy fire, thus having at least one of these survival items on your champion can spell the difference between victory and defeat for your team. The choice of which survival item to choose is covered in the previous section of this guide: phase three: late game survival. Look to that section for a short breakdown between the three items.