Locodoco talk about moving to the North American League of Legends

Gamespot reported earlier today, Yoonsup the “Locodoco” Choi has moved to Los Angeles, with four other Korean players, including former CJ Entus player male.

The Quantic Games sponsorship, the team will try to meet the legendary North American League championship series later this year.

Gamespot interview Locodoco, shortly after his arrival in California.

GameSpot eSports: Why did you decide to form a completely new team of Korean players rather than join an existing Korean team? Was the team made entirely with the intent of moving to the US to compete in the North America LCS?
Locodoco: I wanted more control over the player roster and how we train. I didn’t want to play in NA with NA players, so this way I get the best of both worlds. It was 90 percent that we’d move the team to the US, only a small chance we’d decide to stay in OGN.