League of Legends:Team-fight phase

Team-fight phase

You have now reached the stage of the game where your team utility has extended beyond just your AD Carry, and instead to your team as a whole. This part of the game is where all of the minor and major clashes alike will start to occur in quick successions. Like in the previous article, I will be separating this section into two parts: the pre-engage and the actual engage.


The pre-engage consists of removing the enemy team’s vision as much as you possibly can. By this phase of the game, you should have your Oracle’s Elixir up and exploiting its stealth-detection capabilities. Nothing annoys people more than seeing their wards on the map destroyed, as every ward destroyed reduces their ability to predict ambushes.

For Supports with healing spells, common sense dictates that before a clash happens, you should keep your team as healthy as possible, meaning that you heal even champions that are above 80 percent health. The number of times that I have seen my Carries escape with less than 100 health is astonishing.

Actual engage

During the actual engage, most Supports have some form of crowd-controlling (CC) or disabling spell, like Silence, Stun, or Slow. During the fights, you do have to make sure that you pick out the right targets. Most of the time, during a 5v5 team clash; chances are that you will not be able to get close enough to their Carries to disable them. So the next best thing you can do is keep your teammates alive. Just ensure that you prioritise your AD and AP Carries.

1. The squishy buddy

Opponents tend to enjoy targeting your Carries, as they have the lowest life and the highest damage, so your job as a Support is to prevent them from succeeding in what they set out to do. By using your arsenal of disabling and defensive spells, you assist your Carries in juking the enemy Bruisers who bullet through your team’s defensive line to take their shots at your Carries. At this point in time, do not hesitate to throw your entire array of spells to stop the opponents advancing, as the longer your Carries stay alive in the fight, the more damage they can deal, which in turn gives your team a higher chance of winning the engage.

2. Use your Support items!

The next thing to watch for during clashes, which I seemed to always forget when I was new to League of Legends, is to make sure you remember to use your items before or during the engage. Items like Shurelya’s Reverie, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Randuin’s Omen. The active abilities of these items are excellent in helping your teammates chase fleeing opponents, or catching an enemy who’s in a vulnerable position.

3. You can run, but you can’t hide

Saving Clairvoyance to be used during the engage is an excellent way to help catch enemies that are good at juking, so occasionally you will want to hold Clairvoyance back and use it only when you notice a low-health enemy running away. Sometimes, this can help your team to easily secure an otherwise-difficult kill.

By Elliot Lucas Marcell, Joshua Lim, Darren Seah

In our new League of Legends-focused training feature, we outline the best ways to take advantage of each of the five important roles in the game.