League of Legends Tutorial Guide

Once you have logged into the PvP.net client, you will find yourself at the League of

Legends landing page. From here you can chat with other players, add friends, browse

game information, and (of course) start a game. A good place to begin is by playing

the tutorial. The tutorial will introduce you to the basic interface and gameplay

concepts in League of Legends.

To begin the tutorial, left click on the ‘Play’ button on the upper left hand side

of the PvP.net client.
From the play menu, select the ‘Tutorial’ selection in the bottom right.
When the game launches, follow the instructions of the announcer.

The Proving Grounds is a scenario which will walk you through all the basics of

controlling your champion on the Field of Justice. if you follow the announcer’s

instructions, she will teach you the basics of selecting and using your champion

abilities and summoner abilities, as well the basics of towers and inhibitors.

Your First Game
Once you have completed the tutorial, it will be beneficial for you to see how these

mechanics work in an actual games of League of Legends. To start your first match,

press the ‘Play’ button again. Since this is your first game, you should probably

host a practice game, where you will be able to add computer controlled players

called ‘Bots’. Bots have adjustable difficulty levels, and will provide a more

predictable gameplay experience while you are still getting acquainted with the

basics. Sometimes, you might not be able to play a practice game with just yourself

and bots. If this is the case, bring a few friends along or find a game with similar


To begin the tutorial, left click on the ‘Play’ button on the upper left hand side

of the PvP.net client.
From the play menu, select the ‘Practice Game’ selection in the bottom left.
Notice that you arrive at a list of practice games. To host your own, press the

‘Create Game’ button.
Name your game whatever you wish by filling in the ‘Name’ field.
Now, password protect your game by filling in the ‘Password’ field to prevent other

players from joining.
Click ‘Create Game’ to enter your game’s lobby.
From here you can add your bots. From the drop downs on either team, select the bots

that you would like to be your teammates, then create the enemy team. To get the most

relevant experience, fill both teams completely.
When you have finished populating your game, press the ‘Start Game’ button.

Once your match has begun, you will arrive at the ‘Champion Select’ screen, where

you will have 90 seconds to prepare for battle!

Champion Selection
Once you arrive at ‘Champion Select’, your first order of business will be to

select the champion you wish to summon. League of Legends offers a wide array of

different champion types to choose from, ranging from durable, close combat

champions, to fragile, long range heroes, to powerful mages with high damage spells.

If you would like to know more about the abilities of a certain champion, click the

small icon within the champion’s portrait to view information about them. Just

remember you only have a minute and a half to finish your selection. You can also

view this information at your leisure by clicking the ‘View Summoner Profile’

button in the upper right of your PvP.net client and selecting the ‘Champions’ tab,

or by visiting the League of Legends community site.

Once you have selected your champion that you wish to summon, hit the ‘Summon’

button in the lower right to proceed to the next phase of preparation.