League of Legends turns the spotlight on Karma

Some weird stuff going on with her spine in this art, unfortunately.

A game like League of Legends relies heavily upon the ability to rebalance characters. Sometimes you’ll wind up with a particular champion without the necessary abilities to really work in any role, obviating any serious use of that character. But the development team can always rework the character, which is exactly what’s been done to the latest spotlighted champion, Karma. With a reworked set of abilities centered around her ultimate skill, Karma’s got a new lease on life, or at least being a multi-role support character.

Karma’s new playstyle heavily revolves around use of her Mantra ability — her passive ability reduces its cooldown, and all three of her other abilities are modified when Mantra is activated first. The focus of her abilities is on slowing enemies and protecting allies, but with careful use of Mantra and her skills she can hold her own in a straight contest. Take a look at the full spotlight video past the break for build strategies, tricks for the early game, and more useful information.