League of Legends: Team-Fight Phase

Team-Fight Phase

It’s now time to have a 5v5 clash. Your team is trying to push into the opponents middle lane base turret. You stand behind your tank, just waiting to make your opponents go KABOOM! But it’s more than just that. There are two parts to team-fights: the Pre-engage and the actual engage.

During the Pre-engage, it’s your duty to harass the opponents with your long range pokes. AP Champs are great at doing this. It helps to weaken down the opponents before any engages happen. If you do this really well, you might just force the opponents to back off to heal up, giving you some time to down the turret. Keep in mind though, be wary of the opponents–they might take advantage of you getting close to them for the pokes, and instead turn it into an actual engage.

Pelting your opponents with preemptive long-range attacks can mean the difference on the battlefield.

Pelting your opponents with preemptive long-range attacks can mean the difference on the battlefield.

When an engagement happens though, don’t panic! Keep these few simple points in mind:

Prioritize the Carries: Nuke off the AD and AP carries on the opponents side as quickly as possible. Focus your damage on them. If they are out of control, it’s very important to drop your crowd-control spells on them. We don’t want them tearing through your team. Remember, it’s either you or them.

Keep a Safe Distance: Positioning is very important. Sticking with a tank is great, they can help you peel off those pesky opponents who want to tag you down. If your tank is doing the engaging on the front-line, stay a safe distance and wait till the right to strike. Don’t follow him into the fray immediately–you will become the main target.

Look Out For Your Teammates: Sure, you deal tons of damage but you also provide some neat utility for your team. Your crowd-control can save the life of your AD carry so don’t hesitate to do so.

Once you’ve cast most of your spells, you have a window of time for movement while your spells go off cooldown. Try to assist the others in any way possible. Personally, I find guarding the AD carry extremely useful. Most of the time, the AD carries don’t have a form of crowd-control, so helping disable their pursuers helps a great deal.

Let The World Burn: And when all that’s done, destroy everything in sight! If everything goes well, you’ll probably win the team fight. From there on, it’s pretty straight forward. Down more turrets, push into the base, steal all buffs from the opponents jungle camps, get Baron’s. Summoner’s Rift is your oyster–you just need to pillage everything in sight.

By Elliot Lucas Marcell, Joshua Lim, Darren Seah

In our new League of Legends-focused training feature, we outline the best ways to take advantage of each of the five important roles in the game.