League of Legends New User Guide

Summoner Spells
In the next screen you may choose your summoner spells. Summoner spells allow you to

assist your champion (or, in some cases, your teammate’s champion) in various ways.

There are many spells to choose from; but choose wisely because you may only bring

two of these into battle. Once you have made your selection, click the ‘Confirm

Spells’ button in the bottom right.

Tip: Try to imagine which summoner abilities would be best suited to both your team

and your champion. For example, if you are playing a support champion you may want to

pick up the Heal spell for the synergy it offers with your champion’s existing


The next screen is where you select your rune book page. For more information on your

rune book, you can visit the Summoner information page. From here you may choose

which of your previously generated rune pages you feel will most benefit your chosen

champion. While you cannot change your rune book pages at ‘Champion Select’, you

can select from one of your three presets. Once you have selected your rune page,

click ‘Done’ to progress to the final step in the preparation.

Tip: Even if you are unsure of how you want to build your character, you should

always select a rune page before entering the game. Runes can only benefit your

character, and are never detrimental.

Getting Started
Once you have selected your champion, summoner spells, and rune page, you are placed

into a team chat. If there were players in your game, you could use this time to

discuss strategies and champion selections with your teammates before the game

starts. For now, just wait patiently until the timer runs down.

After the timer has run out for champion selection, its time for the champions to

take their places on the Field of Justice.

After loading, you and your teammates start out on the summoner platform. Next to the

summoner platform you will find the shop. Here you can choose your first items to

bring with you onto the battlefield. To access the shop, right click the shop keeper

or press the ‘P’ key.

Starting out you have 475 gold to spend. As the game progresses and you generate more

gold you will be able to return here to buy additional equipment. If you are unsure

of what to buy, you may wish to refer to the suggested items in the bar at the upper

right hand corner of the shop interface.

Tip: If you find that you are having trouble staying alive, items that increase

health regeneration make excellent choices for keeping your health high in the early

game. In many cases, these items can be upgraded later on to form even more powerful

items for you to use. Alternatively, potions can provide an affordable method of

healing early on.