League of Legends New Champion Aatrox Playing Him Guide

Playing Him

On Summoner’s Rift, Aatrox is a top lane / jungler. He can also be played

successfully on Dominion but is not as effective on that map. On Summoner’s Rift, you

should take a point in Dark Flight first since burst damage is better in early game

encounters. Aatrox is best late game though after he gets some items that will

increase his latent life steal. He can be very efficient in duels but really shines

in team fights thanks to his passive. It takes a long time to kill him and then even

after he falls, he comes right back to life. This can mean the difference between

your team winning and losing a team fight.
lol champion aatrox review
Like most champions that rely on basic attacks, Aatrox is weak against Teemo. It is

best to buy Merc Treads against blinding champs to reduce the duration. He also has

problems with Jax, Riven, and Fiora due to their mobility which allows them to get in

and out of battles quickly. Aatrox is generally strong against Darius since his

bleeding effect is all but negated by the healing. As for teammates, Aatrox is good

with other champs that have stuns or snares such as Lux and Amumu. Teammates can

disable an enemy champion and you can hack away at them for massive damage.

Aatrox is not for everybody. He is a good champion for players who like to play

aggressively and aren’t shy about running into danger and staying there for as long

as possible. If you play conservatively and don’t like to put yourself in the

trenches because you are scared of dying, you won’t like Aatrox.