League of Legends Finals Sells Out LA’s Staples Center In An Hour

If there needed to be further evidence of the growing enthusiasm in the West for eSports, League of Legends may have just set some sort of unofficial record for most tickets to a live event sold in the shortest amount of time. In about an hour after they went on sale, tickets to October’s World Championship Final event in LA’s Staples SPLS +1% Center were sold out. And already they’re popping up on StubHub for dramatically inflated prices in the hundreds of dollars.

The Staples Center seats ~15,000 for the basketball games usually played there, but for this event, there shouldn’t be quite that many tickets sold. It’s more of a concert set-up, as there’s a stage where the pros play and a giant screen showing the game behind them. Obviously that means a certain section of the arena is off limits, but there’s still going to be a large amount of fans there to be sure.

I attended the LoL World Championship last year when it was at USC’s Galen center where about 8,000 or so were in attendance. As the game has risen in popularity both in its playbase and as a spectator sport, Riot knew that they’d need a larger venue this time around, and so the Staples Center was selected for the 2013 final.