League of Legends Champion Guide

Champion Abilities
Every champion has five abilities at his disposal over the course of the game. The

first three abilities are your champion’s standard abilities and area available

starting at level 1. The fourth ability, or ultimate ability, becomes available for

you to choose at level 6. This is typically a very powerful ability, often with a

longer cooldown. The fifth ability is always a passive ability. This ability is free,

and always active.

At level one, and at each level thereafter, your champion receives one ability point.

When you have ability points available to distribute, you will see a plus sign above

each of your available abilities. Left clicking on the plus sign above a specific

ability unlocks the next rank of that ability. Your first three abilities have a

maximum rank of 5, and your ultimate ability has a maximum rank of 3.

Tip: If you are trying out a new character, try not to place all your ability points

in a single ability first. Unlocking at least one rank of another ability earlier in

the game will allow you to make use of a more diverse repertoire of different tactics

when confronted with an enemy.

Choosing a Lane
Once you have chosen your initial ability and items, it is time for you to choose a

lane. Since you are just starting out, try to choose a lane with a partner. Deep

within the enemy base, near their summoner platform, lies their nexus. Victory is

achieved through the destruction of the enemy team’s nexus. Guarding the nexus are

several turrets that are placed at even intervals in separate lanes. You have to push

your way through these lanes in order to reach the enemy nexus. In each lane,

however, you will undoubtedly run into the opposing champions and their minions. A

minion wave is a group of computer controlled warriors that spawn from your nexus to

assist your assault on the enemy base. The minions, however, are relatively weak on

their own, and will need your assistance in order to deal with the enemy champions.

Tip: Striking the killing blow on a minion gives you extra gold to spend on items.

This is referred to as the ‘last hit’.
Pushing a Lane
In addition to the enemy minions and champions, there are the turrets to contend

with. Turrets will defend against oncoming minion waves and champions. While trying

to push forward into your enemies’ territory, you will have to destroy these turrets

in order for your army to continue its assault. Your creeps will not be able to pass

any further up a lane until the closest turret to them is destroyed.

It is unwise, however, to attack a turret unassisted by your minions. These turrets

can do massive damage to even the mightiest of champions. Make sure you have either a

minion wave or another allied champions with you before you think about launching an

attack on a turret.

Tip: Dividing your territory from the enemy’s is a river. Once you have crossed into

enemy territory, be careful! There are many places in which enemy players can lie in