League of Legends: AP mid

Brand, the Burning Vengeance

He melts the opponents in every sense of the word. I’m always impressed by his damage, especially his innate passive ability Blaze. As long as you are able to land a spell on the opponent, you’re going to leave a painful 8 percent HP damage over time effect (DoT) on the enemy for 4 seconds. That’s additional damage mind you; talk about a fiery death.

During the lane phase, poking with Pillar of Flame and Conflagration won’t allow your opponents to stay near the creep wave. Constantly refreshing that Blaze debuff on your opponent keeps them well at bay.

His difficulty in playing mainly comes from the fact he has two skill-shots, Sear and Pillar of Flame. Once you get good though, he really does massive amounts of area of effect (AOE) damage. My tip: Practice his tempo. Casting his skills in succession in the right skill order can really change the outcome of a fight. Don’t be too hasty when casting Sear for the secondary stun effect (which triggers if the opponent already has the Blaze debuff). Wait for the right moment. Blaze lasts 4 seconds, so that’s a pretty long time.

LeBlanc, the Deceiver

She is simply a beast to play against 1v1. Like Brand, she needs to cast her skills with a certain tempo to be really effective. However, her single target burst and disables make her a really huge threat. Most players like to trigger the silence effect from Sigil of Silence with Distortion. One way to improve is to try using Ethereal Chains instead to proc it.

I like saving up Distortion as a gap closer and an escape mechanism. It’s just more effective that way and allows you to mess with the opponents more. Juking is one of LeBlanc’s strong points, but most players do not capitalize on it.

LeBlanc is very much an early-to-mid game champion. Win your lane quickly and then start roaming. Your damage does start to stagnate during the team fights, and you can’t really AoE down your opponents. You need to assassinate your targets (i.e. the other carries) once the battle starts. Surviving allows you to help crowd control (CC) out the other opponents with Sigil of Silence and Ethreal Chains. Distortion’s fairly long cooldown means you’ll have to use it wisely. Don’t worry, her Sigil and Chain have short cooldowns. This is your utility to the team after the initial burst from the Sigil and Mimic combo; try it out.

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Everything about Ahri’s spell kit is just so‚Ķalluring. Her Orb of Deception is great for farming and harassing the opponents, not to mention the true damage component of it. Great AoE team fight damage as well. Her Fox-Fire is strong, especially mixed in with Rylai’s Crystal Scepter.

Each charge of Fox-Fire gives the full 35 percent slow from Scepter so tagging down opponents is really easy. Charm, one of the coolest skill-shots in the game, not only deals damage but also taunts the opponent, making him harmlessly walk towards you. It’s a really powerful CC which does moderate amounts of damage.

The signature spell of Ahri though has to be her ultimate, Spirit Rush. It is just so versatile. I recommend you try doing more than just damage to your opponents. Don’t be in a rush to use consume all 3 charges. Take it slow. You have 10 seconds to do so. Juking and kiting becomes just so easy with her ultimate. What’s more, you can line up a perfect Charm and Orb combo for some devastating damage. In short, she’s a highly recommended champion for you to up your game.

By Elliot Lucas Marcell, Joshua Lim, Darren Seah

In our new League of Legends-focused training feature, we outline the best ways to take advantage of each of the five important roles in the game.

Ziggs, the Hexsplosives Expert

Added to the League of Legends roster not too long ago, Ziggs is really great for training those skill-shots. Every spell in his set is a skill-shot, and it rewards great players. His damage is simply HUGE. With his ultimate, which has some sick range, you can assist other lanes with massive output just by standing in the river.

I suggest you try him out, get a feel of his skills and their range. With enough practice, he becomes a deadly lane opponent. A pro tip is to throw in auto-attacks in-between your spells to maximize his innate passive, Short Fuse. Most people don’t realize how painful that thing really is.

As you play him, watch your mana. Having high mana costs for his skills makes him very mana-hungry. If you don’t have the blue buff, I suggest you plan your shots carefully. I always ensure I have enough mana to cast the Hexsplosive Minefield and Satchel Charge for some safety. Since Satchel Charge allows you to knock yourself back quite a distance, use it to create the gap between you and any pursuers. This guy takes quite a bit of practice, so don’t be too disheartened if you aren’t maximizing damage within the first few games.

Cassiopeia, the Serpent’s Embrace

The power of poison is always deadly. She zones out opponents really well in lane. Utilize Noxious Blast with Twin Fang for some really good damage in lane. As Cassiopeia, I’m usually unafraid to stick closer to my minions. It allows me to push the opponents out of the experience range quite easily. Most of my games, I rush Rylai’s Crystal Scepter on her. Combined with her speed boost buff after landing a Noxious Blast on enemy champions, you have the perfect method of chasing down your prey. This easily allows you to follow up with Twin Fang.

When it comes to team-fights, use your ultimate to turn the odds in your favour. A good ultimate should stop the enemies in their tracks with that 2 second stun. Always follow up from your ultimate with Miasma and and Noxious Blasts. This will allow you to continue pursuing them even after the stun is over. Focusing down your targets is really easy too with Twin Fang. Poison your main target and spam Twin Fang. That is your main source of focused damage.

Blasts and Beyond

So you are now pretty much equipped with everything you need to know about playing the AP carry. If you enjoy making things explode, setting things on fire, creating magical thunderstorms, firing giant lasers and making a bunch of crows fly around you for tons of damage, then the AP caster is definitely for you. Till next time, have fun blowing things up!

By Elliot Lucas Marcell, Joshua Lim, Darren Seah

In our new League of Legends-focused training feature, we outline the best ways to take advantage of each of the five important roles in the game.

Welcome to another session of League of Lessons, a weekly feature where we explore each of the five perennial roles when combating online in League of Legends. These guides are courtesy of Joshua Lim, another avid League of Legends player who’s largely involved with the Singapore LoL community.

His notable achievements have been placing fourth with his team EqualsD Gaming in Singapore’s first League of Legends tournament in 2011, and recently placing third in a Dominion tournament in the country last February. He and his team were also shoutcasters for last year’s WCG selection finals and the Garena Carnival in both Singapore and Malaysia. We now focus on the bruiser role.

Winning in style demands a champion that plays with style. Constantly at the front ranks of a team skirmish, soaking up damage effortlessly, isolating key targets, and being the guardian of your teammates–that’s the everyday life of the bruiser. You utilize an arsenal of deadly gap closers, crowd-control and damage-absorbing shields. You are the nightmare to your opponent’s carries as you tag them relentlessly, hindering their every attempt to get to your vulnerable teammates.

By choosing a bruiser who dedicates his life to the top lane, winning in style is not that far away.