Funding Riot’s Play

Rioters play

Rioters are gamers. We love games. As we strive to create the best player experiences, it’s important that we understand play beyond the Fields of Justice. This means that we play games – and not just our own. The new Riot Play Fund encourages plentiful play by giving each Rioter $300 to spend freely on any video game, whether MOBA, FPS, console or PC. We’re equal opportunity players here. Rioters improve their gaming skills and report back with what they’ve learned during their research. We then apply these learnings in the work we do.

The Riot Play Fund is more than a traditional perq and more than a tantalizing add-on to our existing benefits; it’s an important part of our efforts to become the most player-focused game company in the world. To know players and create player-focused games, we need to be players ourselves.